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Blind Five Year Old values quality over quantity. You won’t get a cookie-cutter solution or a drive-by analysis without a deep understanding your business. Below are some examples of Blind Five Year Old clients.

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Sugar Inc Logo

Sugar Inc seeks to entertain and delight with insanely addictive content and an unmatched shopping experience through the PopSugar Network and ShopStyle.

16 different content properties, international editions and a shopping portal drive over 20 million visitors each month, putting a premium on SEO strategies that can be implemented at scale.

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JustAnswer is the largest website where people get answers directly from doctors, lawyers, mechanics or one of thousands of other experts.

The large and growing corpus of content demands unique strategies to ensure that the vast amount of informational queries are matched with the right content.

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oDesk offers the world’s largest, most comprehensive and fastest-growing online workplace.

The strength of the oDesk brand allows for a greater focus on non-branded keywords that will drive productive traffic to the job marketplace.

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BuildSite provides an online construction product database and software tools that streamlines construction submittals.

Identifying query syntax and delivering value through PDF optimization is crucial to meeting the unique needs of the construction vertical.

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Caring provides practical information, easy-to-use tools, and personal support for those caring for an aging loved one.

Search engine traffic is a valuable part of their traffic mix, as it is for nearly any health oriented site. Queries are largely informational and inhabit competitive niches such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

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Buzzillions Logo

Simply put, Buzzillions is a product reviews site that helps shoppers avoid costly mistakes, offering 10 millions+ product reviews and tools for you to research purchases before you buy.

The competitive review and ratings vertical provides an interesting mix of transactional and informational queries. The complexity increases with the number of categories and faceted navigation offered by Buzzillions.

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