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Who shared your post and how did it spread on Google+? That’s what Ripples can tell you, allowing you to find influencers and evangelists.

Google+ Ripples

You can find Ripples in the drop down menu on public posts.

Google Plus Ripples Drop Down

But I noticed that there was also a small URL entry field on the Ripples page.

Google Ripples URL Field

Sure enough you can drop in a URL and see Ripples for any page.

Google Ripples Example

(Interesting how each of my shares of this post are shown separately.)

Ripples Bookmarklet

I didn’t want to go traipsing back and forth to enter URLs, so I created a bookmarklet.

Find Ripples

Drag the link above to your bookmarks bar. Then click the bookmark whenever you want to see Ripples for the page you’re on. [Clarification] This is for non-Google+ URLs only. Ripples for Google+ URLs are only available via the drop-down menu.

So stop wondering and find out who’s sharing your content (or any content) on Google+.

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Comments About Ripples Bookmarklet

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  1. Clive Roach (@jedi_roach) // July 21st 2012

    Works great, well done!

  2. Jacob Jarnvall // July 22nd 2012

    Awesome! Always on the lookout for nice bookmarklets and this one will come in handy for sure.


  3. Kim // July 24th 2012

    This is a really cool tool. Thanks for sharing AJ! Do you know of similar tools that allow you to see who shares a specific URL on any network?

  4. seogenx // July 26th 2012

    Thanks for creating this bookmarklet, I have just added this to my bookmark list, finding influencers on the web has now become easy with tools like this and some other e.g. etc.

  5. RapidQueue // July 29th 2012

    Excellent tool. I will definitely be putting this to use for competition analysis. Thanks again!

  6. Jacob King // July 30th 2012

    This is def pretty cool to be able to look at your reach visually in this manner. Super cool AJ.

  7. Laura // August 25th 2012

    It’s nice that Google is still trying to find a niche for GPlus in an already saturated market. I have an account but I never quite get around to doing anything with it. This (Ripples) doesn’t seem worth making the effort.

  8. Dallas McMillan // October 05th 2012

    This is awesome – make the effort for sure – very neat tool

  9. Elsonconsulting // February 16th 2013

    Doesn’t work on my iPad :-(

  10. AJ Kohn // February 17th 2013

    Good to know Elson. I’ll look into that.

  11. Jogesh Sharma // March 13th 2013

    wow, awesome tool, its represent the tree view, that also represent the child’s as well.

  12. John // July 01st 2013

    Nice thanks a lot AJ. Fantastic tool especially for looking at creating content and who to target for outreach.

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