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// // December 27th 2010 // Social Media + Web Design

I like Quora, so much so that I wanted to add it as another contact option on this blog. But I couldn’t find a Quora button that matched my current buttons. So, I took a crack at making one myself.

Quora Button

Quora Button

Feel free to use it or make a better one. (Just let me know when you do.) In the interim, you should follow me on Quora and explore the growing knowledge community.

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Comments About Quora Button

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  1. Tina // January 21st 2011

    I must be thick. I can’t figure out how to get the code to put the button on my website.

  2. aj // January 23rd 2011

    You’ll have to save the image first Tina, and then put it on your site with a bit of HTML. I’m sorry but I don’t have a version with embed code.

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