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Yesterday Bing launched Linked Pages which allows you to “have more control in how you show up on Bing.” Is this Bing’s answer to rel=author? If it is, it’s not a very good one. Here’s my experience and analysis.

Bing Linked Pages

Linking Pages on Bing is very easy.

To start you simply go to and click the blue Get started button.

Linked Pages Start Page

That will take you to a Facebook login page.

Facebook Login for Bing Linked Pages

That’s right, Bing is using Facebook as their identity platform, much like Google is using Google+ as an identity platform.

Bing Linked Pages Facebook Permissions

One last step to give Bing permission to your first born child and then you can finally get to the Linked Pages interface.

Bing Linked Pages Interface

From here you can see Bing results for your name and select which ones you want linked to you by clicking the Link to me button under that result. Here’s where I think things get a little strange.

Bing Link To Me

I can link any of these pages to me. The LinkedIn page actually is me while the Myspace profile is actually my skateboarding doppelgänger.

AJ Kohn Linked Pages Search Result

After linking a few pages I did a search on my name and sure enough the Linked Pages show up. The problem here is that there’s no bidirectional link to confirm that I really should be linked to this content. They’re trusting users (and their ego I suppose) to link the correct content.

What could go wrong?

Link All The Pages

Not only can you link yourself to any of these results but you can also link them to friends.

Bing Linked Pages to a Friend

I asked my friend Jeremy Post to link something crazy to me just to see how this process works.

Bing Linked Pages Friend Link on Facebook

Sure enough I was told that Jeremy had linked me to Ke$ha. This immediately shows up in my News Feed and on my Timeline. Action must be taken swiftly! So I click on the ‘Linked AJ Kohn to’ link and it takes me to the Linked Pages interface on Bing.

Unlinking Bad Linked Pages

I never even saw the notification for the Honey Badger which is a bit scary. (Honey Badger don’t care!) I can unlink both offending links here but when I return to Facebook I realize that the Timeline entry is still there. It does eventually get removed after a 20 minute+ delay, but that might be too long for some people.

This is simply wrong. I should be able to accept or deny links before they go live.

I understand this is an attempt to let friends curate the pages that link to you but is this really wise? I don’t want to play a game of whac-a-mole and continually unlink pages.

Linked Pages seems like the newest way to prank your friends on Facebook.

Profiles versus Pages

One of the interesting things about Linked Pages is that it is linking other profiles and individual content.

Bing Linked Profiles and Pages

If Bing is interested in extending the value of Linked Pages you’d think they’d want to understand which Linked Pages were other profiles versus simple content. A profile would allow Bing to confidently attach authorship to the content under that profile. Perhaps Bing is doing this in the background but the free-for-all nature of the results makes me wonder.

Content versus Mentions

Another oddity if you’re thinking about Linked Pages being used for authorship is that I can link pages to content produced by someone else.

Bing Link Pages to Other Content

Maybe I want people to know about these pages when they search for me. I get that. But this is not my content. It’s simply content in which I was mentioned and/or linked. Again I have to wonder how this would be extended into a real picture of authorship.

Certainly Bing could look at the graph each person creates, determine intersections (and overlaps) with other people and trace it all back to source material. But that seems incredibly messy, particularly since the data is self-reported meaning there’s a limited set to work from and little confidence that it’s accurate.

Impact of Linked Pages

Linked Pages doesn’t do much right now. People may see my Linked Pages when they search on my name. (This actually isn’t happening yet but I’m guessing it takes a little while to propagate. I’ll update this post when it does.)

However none of the pages I linked are given any type of additional treatment in normal search results.

Bing Result for Twitter Is Wrong

So the impact of Linked Pages, at least for now, is limited to (at a maximum) vanity searches.


Bing Linked Pages is an attempt to let you control what people see when they perform vanity searches. However, the lack of bidirectional confirmation and inability to easily determine profiles, content and mentions severely limit the impact and application of this feature for authorship and opens the door for a new form of Facebook prank.


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Comments About Bing Linked Pages

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  1. Sean Carlos // February 23rd 2012

    My understanding is that Linked Pages only show up when people are logged into Bing through Facebook and then only for those they’re connected to on Facebook. If this is so, the value of Linked Pages is extremely limited.

    While its nice to see Microsoft moving in the direction of identity consolidation (and maybe authorship attribution?), Linked Pages seems all too reminiscent of their early webmaster tools implementation – not very useful. Their 3rd WT iteration got it more or less right, and I suspect that is what will have to happen here too.

  2. AJ Kohn // February 23rd 2012


    Yes, I believe you’re right and I actually had that in the original version of this post. However, I wasn’t able to confirm this through due diligence. Once I do I’ll update the post accordingly. But if true, the fact that Linked Pages only appears for those logged into Facebook and then only for those who are already connected to you is, as you say, extremely limiting.

    I too applaud Bing for moving in the direction of identity and authorship but without control over the identity platform I’m not sure how they’ll improve or make substantial headway here.

  3. Miranda M // February 24th 2012

    Is that an Allie Brosh cartoon? Love her!! You make a really good point about bi-directional confirmation. Sooo I can pretty much be anyone I want if I can start a Facebook account in that name. That’s… not awesome.

  4. AJ Kohn // February 24th 2012

    Yes Miranda it’s a derivative of an Allie Brosh cartoon that turned into a meme.

    Facebook recently did begin an attempt to verify accounts so it’s not as easy as it was before. With Linked Pages you can link any number of pages to you. So if you have a doppelgänger out there you could link all of those pages if you wanted to. So I could be an SEO and Pro Skateboarder when people looked for me on Bing.

  5. Miranda M // February 24th 2012

    I have another Miranda Miller who happens to be a writer. And another Canadian one who is a bike racer. My life could get a lot more exciting here.

  6. Erik | Gravytrain - Vancouver SEO // February 24th 2012

    Oh this is going to be a totally awesome tool to play around with. Too bad it’s giving me a “Service Temporarily Unavailable” error whenever I try to use it. Boo hoo

  7. Jonny Ross // February 28th 2012

    me too…. getting the service temporarily unavailable message :-(

    love the prank friends on facebook idea :-) let me at it!!!!

    good article as always


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