Use the NOINDEX Tag If You ‘Blog For Yourself’

// // September 20th 2008 // SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to be a dirty word in some circles. Many seem to think it’s some vile technique that only marketers use in an effort to trick people to get to their site. (The word marketers is spoken as if they’re an unruly bunch of war criminals.) When pressed for why they don’t implement even basic SEO, many of these same people will state piously “I blog for myself!”

So I say to these people, please, use the NOINDEX Tag.

If you are blogging for yourself then there’s no real reason for you to be in Google’s search index, right? I mean, why exactly do you have a blog anyway? If you’re blogging for yourself couldn’t you just write it up in Microsoft Word, read it over again with a satisfied smile, pat yourself on the back and be happy? Tell Google and other search engines to ignore your blog and use the NOINDEX Tag.

Yes, I’m being very literal here, but it helps to make my point.

You’re not blogging only for yourself. You do want others to read what you’ve written. Not every SEO technique is something a casual blogger should employ. However, use my blind five year old principles to help implement rudimentary SEO. Not only will this help people find your content but it will likely make your content just a tad more readable and accessible.

And that is what SEO is about. It’s about making sure the people interested in your content actually find it.

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