Twitter is the Underpants Gnomes of the Internet

// // October 29th 2009 // Rant + Social Media

The other day I read Steven Hodson’s Shooting At Bubbles post regarding Twitter 2.0. And it finally dawned on me!

Twitter is the Underpants Gnomes of the Internet

If you’re not familiar with the Underpants Gnomes, they were featured in a South Park episode in which the Gnomes devised an … interesting business plan.

underpants gnomes

Replace underpants with users (or VC cash) and you’ve got Twitter. Oh, sure they’ve alluded to some sort of business plan, but even as recently as a few weeks ago Evan Williams wasn’t willing to divulge a real revenue model despite John Battelle’s prodding.

I remember the Web 1.0 days of grow fast, grab market share and monetize later. Only a few survived this kowabunga style of business.

But who knows, maybe Twitter can turn underpants into profit.

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Comments About Twitter is the Underpants Gnomes of the Internet

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  1. Steven Hodson // October 29th 2009

    The Underpants business model – love it LOL :)

  2. Paul Wood // February 03rd 2011

    The underpants gnomes exist and they are thieving little critters they don’t only steal underpants although they live in the underpants drawer. They have borrowed my season ticket for a day and my mobile phone for a week, both turned up amongst my underpants so there can only be one suspect.

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