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// // September 29th 2009 // Humor + SEO

The other day I was walking to lunch with a long-time client and we passed one of the main entrances to Pac Bell, SBC AT&T Park. He noted that this particular entrance seemed overly obvious.

San Francisco Giants SEO

This image, from Google Street View, shows the ‘Giants Building’ sign with a SF logo underneath and a ‘Home Of The Giants’ as a type of sub-header.

My response was simple. That’s good SEO.

This brought me a round of good-natured chiding from my client about being a bit too SEO focused. But really, this was a great example of Blind Five Year Old SEO. The sign was simple and instructive. (Perhaps also a reaction to the frequent name changes that Park has undergone.)

Could the San Francisco Giants be SEO savvy?

Let’s say I’m a tourist from … Sweden. What name tells me more: AT&T Park or Giants Building? That’s a no-brainer, right! Better yet, I’ve got that nice SF logo there for some context. And if I’m still confused I’m even told that this is the home of the Giants. Without a doubt I know the building in front of me is the home of the Giants.

Whether or not they’d know that the Giants are a baseball team is another thing entirely.

So am I too SEO focused or is this just a good real world case of providing easy, instructive signage?

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Comments About San Francisco Giants SEO

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  1. SEO by Just Say ON // September 30th 2009

    Just the other day I thought it’d be fun to photoshop church and fast food signage, to look as if they were written by an obsessive SEO (i.e. This badly needs optimization:

    On a quasi-related note, I think it’s important to front-load your most important information first, at all times, written and verbal. Set the tone early. Unless your last name is Hitchcock or Block (of the Lawrence variety), don’t make people guess what you mean to say.

    So don’t feel too weird about it. You’re not alone :)

  2. Tabby // May 06th 2015

    “So am I too SEO focused or is this just a good real world case of providing easy, instructive signage?” <— A little bit of both, hey, I'd say the same thing if I was in your place. Focusing on what we are doing day in and day out makes us see things differently, things that are ordinary to ordinary people but SEO-ish, in our case, once our eyes cross them.

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