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What Is SEO?

Meta: 02.04.12 // SEO // 35 Comments →

What is SEO? The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. But the definition of SEO is a more difficult question. It’s not what it once was, that’s for sure. The problem is, I see references to outdated definitions of SEO on a fairly regular basis. If you have arrived here thinking SEO is a sham, […]

Google+ SEO

Meta: 01.20.12 // SEO + Social Media // 233 Comments →

This comprehensive Google+ SEO guide covers every aspect and angle of Google+ and how it impacts search. My normal TL;DR has been replaced with a Google+ SEO Best Practices section located at the bottom of this post. I will be periodically updating this post (updated January 23, 2012) as things inevitably change. Please don’t hesitate […]

2012 Internet, SEO and Technology Predictions

Meta: 12.27.11 // Analytics + SEO + Technology // 8 Comments →

It’s time again to gaze into my crystal ball and make some predictions for 2012. 2012 Predictions For reference, here are my predictions for 2011, 2010 and 2009. I was a bit too safe last year so I’m making some bold predictions this time around. Chrome Becomes Top Browser Having already surpassed Firefox this year, […]

Delicious Turns Sour

Meta: 12.19.11 // Rant + Technology + Web Design // 8 Comments →

In April, the Internet breathed a sigh of relief when Delicious was sold to AVOS instead of being shut down by Yahoo. In spite of Yahoo’s years of neglect, Delicious maintained a powerful place in the Internet ecosystem and remained a popular service. Users were eager to see Delicious improve under new management. Unfortunately the […]

Google Cached Pages Gone?

Meta: 11.06.11 // SEO // 7 Comments →

I’ve seen a number of people asking why the cached page link has disappeared from Google search results. Don’t worry, it’s not gone, it’s just been moved. Cached Link in Instant Preview The cached and similar links are now in the instant preview which is activated when you mouse over a result and then hover […]

Mega Menus are Mega Awful

Meta: 10.20.11 // SEO + Web Design // 31 Comments →

I hate mega menus. There, I said it. Here are five different perspectives that illustrate why I dislike mega menus. As a User Many mega menus are often hard to use. Some are like a game of whac-a-mole, trying to get a cascading menu to expand and stay open so you can click on the […]

SlideShare SEO

Meta: 10.17.11 // SEO // 17 Comments →

How tough is it to use SlideShare to rank for a keyword term? Here’s my experiment with SlideShare SEO. The Term I selected the term ‘what is bounce rate’ because I see a number of questions surrounding this topic and had wanted to expand on my Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate blog post. According to […]

Cut Up Learning

Meta: 10.03.11 // Life + Technology // 6 Comments →

Is information overload a problem our new digital society must solve or are we changing how we learn? Information Overload We’ve gone from a handful of TV channels to more than 500; from a few radio stations to streaming music on demand; from reading the local newspaper to reading publications from around the world. The […]

Google Influence Metric

Meta: 09.19.11 // SEO + Social Media // 7 Comments →

Is Google building an influence metric? I think so. And they’re doing it by mapping the engagement graph. Connecting the Dots On June 3rd Google acquired PostRank. On June 7th Google began supporting authorship. On June 28th Google began to highlight authors in search results, the same day they launched launched Google+. The next day […]

PageRank Ponzi

Meta: 09.09.11 // Rant + SEO // 12 Comments →

Why are you still submitting your site and articles to directories? Sure, there was a time when directories were valuable. But that time has passed. So stop feeding their business and build your own instead. Page Rank Ponzi Directories are essentially a form of PageRank ponzi. They use your content to build their business – […]