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We Want To Believe

Meta: 01.20.15 // Marketing + SEO + Social Media // 5 Comments →

Fake news and images are flourishing and even Snopes can’t hold back the tide of belief. Marketers should be taking notes, not to create their own fake campaigns but to understand the psychology that makes it possible and connect that to digital marketing trends. We Want To Believe Agent Mulder, of the X-Files, was famous for his desire to […]

The Rich Snippets Algorithm

Meta: 08.20.14 // SEO // 71 Comments →

There’s been a tremendous amount of chatter recently about rich snippets vanishing from Google search results, whether it’s Amazon losing their review aggregate snippets or a wholesale reduction in video snippets. What we’re really talking about are changes to the rich snippets algorithm. That’s right, we need to go deeper. There’s an algorithm within the […]

Twitter Analytics

Meta: 08.11.14 // Analytics + Social Media // 22 Comments →

What if Twitter launched the most awesome analytics dashboard and no one really noticed? Well, that’s pretty much what happened nearly a month ago. I’ve been waiting for the posts that detail how much you can get from the tool and the different types of analysis you can perform. But … I’m tired of waiting. […]

You Won’t Remember That Infographic

Meta: 06.25.14 // Marketing + SEO // 46 Comments →

Infographics are (still) popular. Clients ask me about them all the time. I ask them to tell me about the last three infographics they remembered. The response is generally full of stammering as they grope for an answer. Rarely do I get specifics. Even when I do they say things like ‘that infographic about craft […]

Social Signals and SEO

Meta: 04.07.14 // SEO + Social Media // 127 Comments →

Do social signals (Tweets, Likes and Pluses) impact search rankings? The answer to this question is yes, but not in the traditional sense. That’s why so much misinformation exists on the topic. So before you run off and get all your friends to Tweet your post (or worse yet buy Likes etc.), read on to […]

The Ridiculous Power of Blog Commenting

Meta: 03.25.14 // Marketing + SEO // 149 Comments →

Blog commenting is the not-so-secret weapon to building your brand and authority. I’m not talking about comment spam or finding do follow blogs and littering them with links. No, the blog commenting I’m talking about lets you cut through the clutter and tap into the attention of creators. Participation Inequality To understand why blog commenting […]

Knowledge Graph Optimization

Meta: 03.10.14 // KGO + SEO // 45 Comments →

A few months ago I offhandedly made a reference to KGO which stands for Knowledge Graph Optimization. Now, I know what you’re thinking. We need another acronym like another hole in the head! But over the past year I feel like there are a set of tactics that can help you optimize your site’s connection […]

What I Learned in 2013

Meta: 02.26.14 // Career + Life // 25 Comments →

(This post is a personal post about running Blind Five Year Old, building on similar posts for 2011 and 2012.) It’s nearly the end of February and I haven’t completed my now annual ‘What I Learned’ post. That should tell you that one of the things I learned is how quickly time gets away from […]

Are You Winning The Attention Auction?

Meta: 01.20.14 // Marketing + SEO + Social Media // 33 Comments →

Every waking minute of every day we choose to do one thing or another. For a long time we didn’t have many choices. Hunt the mammoths or mind the fire. Read the bible or tend the crops. I can remember when we only got six television stations on an old black and white TV. But […]

What Does The Hummingbird Say?

Meta: 11.07.13 // SEO + Technology // 30 Comments →

Dog goes woof Cat goes meow Bird goes tweet and mouse goes squeak Cow goes moo Frog goes croak and the elephant goes toot Ducks say quack and fish go blub and the seal goes ow ow ow ow ow But theres one sound That no one knows What does the hummingbird say? What Does […]