Google Testing Supersized Sitelinks

// // January 29th 2011 // SEO

Is Google testing a larger font size for sitelinks?

Supersized Sitelinks

Supersize Sitelinks

It looks like the sitelinks in both paid and organic listings have been supersized. Anyone else seeing supersized sitelinks?

Also, if you’re up for a chuckle, take a gander at the ‘Something different’ selections for apple.

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Comments About Google Testing Supersized Sitelinks

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  1. Craig Addyman // January 31st 2011

    How do you get site links there>?

  2. aj // February 02nd 2011

    Craig, sitelinks are bestowed on sites by Google algorithmically. The factors that go into this sitelink algorithm are – as you might imagine – rather murky.

    Micah, thank you for the confirmation!

    Rick, yes I was rather surprised to get my very own sitelinks. Off to GWT to see if I can optimize them.

  3. Micah // January 31st 2011

    Seeing supersized too – 15px

  4. Rick Bucich // January 31st 2011

    I hadn’t noticed but thanks for pointing it out.

    While we’re on the subject, congrats on acquiring sitelinks on your blog! I rarely see blogs with them.

  5. Phill Ohren // February 28th 2011

    As of Feb 24, they are actually testing even more updates! Now we can see sitelinks with decriptions too. I blogged about them here

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