Google is the 6th Ranked Search Engine

// // June 01st 2009 // Humor + SEO

Don’t believe me? Try a search for ‘search engine’ on … Google.

Google is the 6th Ranked Search Engine

That’s right, it returns Google as the 7th result and the 6th search engine. And look at the snippet! Would it kill Google to craft a decent meta description?

In some ways it’s nice to see that Google isn’t optimizing and hasn’t manually altered the results in their favor. Yet, ‘search engine’ seems like a valuable term.

Search Engine Search Volume

That’s over 4 million global monthly searches! Even on exact match you get nearly 400,000.

Yahoo seems to get it, putting themselves at the top of a ‘search engine’ query on Yahoo. I’m guessing that’s a non-algorithmic result. Sure it seems like a blatant promotion but I understand the reasoning.

Nevermind the oddity of searching for a search engine with a search engine. Search is Google’s business and, as such, it should want to be the top result for the term.

Even from a search quality perspective, are those the best results for the term ‘search engine’?

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Comments About Google is the 6th Ranked Search Engine

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  1. Borellus // June 01st 2009

    Why would anybody want to search for “Google” on Google?

    I think this may be the main reason it isn’t at the top.

    I do agree about the meta description though, very unprofessional.

  2. Brian // June 01st 2009

    Well google may be seventh on there own site it is ranked #1 on You can even compare 3 sites at a time. by going here: or see the top 500 sites here:, and google is #1

  3. rmpbklyn // June 02nd 2009

    alexa, have not used it in years- literaly like 5yrs or so

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