Facebook Like Number Bookmarklets

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Want to know the Facebook Like statistics for the page you’re on? No problem.

Facebook Like Number Bookmarklets

Using the old REST API you can find out the Facebook Like statistics for any page. For easy access, simply drag these two links to your bookmark bar.

FB Stats: Current Page

FB Stats: Home Page

The Current Page bookmarklet will provide Like statistics for the page you’re on. So, if you were on the ReadWriteWeb article about Facebook Places Deals you can click on this bookmarklet and be provided with the Like statistics for that page.

Facebook Like Bookmarklet

The Home Page bookmarklet will provide Like statistics for the home page for the site you’re on. Please note that this is not showing the aggregate Like statistics for the entire site, but just that of the home page.

Like Number Use Cases

Why are these bookmarklets useful apart from abject curiosity?

First off, you can determine the true number of Likes. Second, they provide competitive intelligence and potential insight into Facebook’s search algorithm (aka Facebook SEO). Do pages with a higher distribution of comments get a higher weight? I’m not sure.

This is one way to begin understanding the ways in which pages enter the Open Graph and how they are treated based on Like activity.

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