Facebook 2010 = Google 2003

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This isn’t a post about predicting the future of Facebook or taking sides in the Google v. Facebook debate. Instead, this is a warning.

Changed Traffic Conditions Ahead

Google 2003

AdWords was launched in October of 2000. In February of 2002 Google switched AdWords to a cost-per-click model. Later that same year the first Google Dance was held. By 2003, smart marketers were figuring out how to get the most out of AdWords.

Search volume continued to climb and the Google algorithm became more complex. Search engine optimization became more important and the landscape was changing … fast.

Facebook 2010

Facebook Ads launched in November of 2007. Today (figuratively, not literally) the platform seems to have hit critical mass. Thus far, most marketers have focused on engagement at the urging of the many social media experts/gurus/rock stars. “It’s about conversations” they shout.

But others are finding out how to make Facebook ads really work. Dennis Yu recently shared one of his Facebook ad secrets as well as how he’s using Facebook ads to increase Facebook fans.

In addition, Facebook has created more complexity and opportunity through the introduction of the Open Graph. Suddenly, Facebook search results can be seriously manipulated optimized. Like farms could spring up and savvy operators like Marty Weintraub will crack Facebook SEO.

Different But The Same

Google and Facebook are different, but figuring out PPC and SEO opportunities is the same. Compare the time lines above and you’ll see an eerie similarity. What I left out was that both Google and Facebook launched an advertising initiative approximately three years after launch. Am I the only one who sees the pattern?

Right now, I believe Facebook is at the same tipping point Google was in 2003. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth through experience. Jump in and start figuring it out. This is the fun part!

Those who aren’t afraid to fail are going to be the ones reaping the rewards.

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