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I’ve thought about this post for a while but never pulled the trigger. But with the ruckus over names on G+ and the ridiculous Same Name reality show I thought it was finally time to blog about doppelgängers.


Merriam-Webster defines doppelgänger as:

1: a ghostly counterpart of a living person 2 a : double 2a  b : alter ego b  c : a person who has the same name as another

The emphasis is mine and I’m using that version of the definition here. It’s easy to find Internet doppelgängers by doing a vanity search on Google or setting up a Google Alert on your name.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my three doppelgängers. (Who knew I was so talented?)

Pro Freestyle Skateboarder

AJ Kohn co-founded One Skateboard Co and is an accomplished freestyle skateboarder.

AJ Kohn at the 2010 World Championships of Freestyle Skateboarding

The odd thing is we both grew up near Philadelphia. Because of this, every now and again I get a random email from someone looking to reconnect with him. In a few cases it’s been tough for me to persuade them that I’m not that AJ Kohn.

Amateur Baseball Player

AJ Kohn is an infielder on the Plainview Bucks, an amateur baseball team in Minnesota.

Team Photo of Plainview Bucks

I don’t know which one is AJ Kohn, but I do know that he’s the star of the team, batting .424 with 31 hits, 11 runs and 12 RBI.

Marine Biologist

AJ Kohn was the first to report that some cone snails hunt fish by paralyzing them with a powerful neurotoxin. Their sting can even kill people!

Cone Snail

Now Professor Emeritus at University of Washington, he dedicated his professional life to “understanding of the evolutionary processes that have led to high biotic diversity in tropical marine environments.”


I take great comfort in my doppelgängers because they remind me to be passionate about what I do. Each AJ Kohn followed a passion, whether it be skateboarding, baseball or marine biology. I admire that.

What about your doppelgängers? Find yours and tell me what they’re up to. #doppelgangers

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Comments About Doppelgangers

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  1. Grace Morris // August 16th 2011

    11 yr old Lori Grace Morris
    Surprisingly pretty good singer. sweet.

    Grace K. Morris, M.A.
    All around smarty pants old lady. again, pretty sweet. But she stole my name-domain & redirected it to her boring website.

    Grace Morris, 3D artist
    Canadian artist. Now that’s the complete opposite of me and pretty cool. However, there is not much else to tell from the site!

  2. AJ Kohn // August 24th 2011

    Thanks for posting your doppelgangers Grace! That’s a pretty good collection of folks: a singer, an economist and 3D artist. And don’t you hate when they grab your domain name. Happened to me too and, like you, he’s doing next to nothing with it.

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