Did You Mean Matt Cutts?

// // May 15th 2009 // SEO

In February I wrote about Did You Mean search results appearing above normal Google search results. This differed from the presentation of just a link to the Did You Mean search results.

Did You Mean search results

Did You Mean Matt Cutts

Did You Mean search link

Did You Mean Link

While I understood the potential user benefit, from an SEO perspective, Did You Mean search results could make misspelling optimization far less attractive.

As luck would have it I was able to get an answer on this topic from Matt Cutts.

It’s about what I expected. The presentation is relatively new and is tied to an algorithm triggered by some threshold where Google expects a high degree of accuracy in the Did You Mean match. In the end, it probably does deliver value to the user.

I appreciate the response (thanks Matt) and am reminded that SEO is an ever changing endeavor.

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