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Kyle Baldwin Shows Up On Heroes

December 13 2008 // TV // Comment

The other day I caught up with the disappointing season of Heroes on TiVo. I’d recently blogged about how Heroes had ripped off The 4400. And lo and behold who shows up on Heroes but none other than The 4400’s Kyle Baldwin.

The 4400


Yeah, Chad Faust got a new haircut and has perfected that mean stare of his, but it’s still him. I like him too, but I can’t like the fact that Heroes is so stuck and so lost that they’re pressing 4400 actors into service.

Thank goodness Summer Glau isn’t available.

4400 Reasons Why Heroes Sucks

November 18 2008 // Rant + TV // 2 Comments

Why has Heroes become less and less interesting and nearly comprehensible with each successive season? The cancellation of The 4400.

The 4400 was a USA Network show that ran from 2004 to 2007. The general theme of The 4400 was the effect on society of having a small band of people with special, super powers. Sound familiar so far? Just wait!

An agency (NTAC) was formed to track down and deal with The 4400. Huh. Sort of like the Agency on Heroes.

The agents, Tom Baldwin in particular, at NTAC have close ties, even family members, who are part of The 4400. Huh. That’s sort of like Noah Bennett’s situation on Heroes isn’t it?

A schism develops within The 4400. That’s odd, isn’t that what happens on Heroes?

The 4400 create a formula that gives regular people a 50/50 chance of developing special powers. Sort of like what Mohinder is trying to do on Heroes, right?

It turns out that The 4400 have been given these powers by people in the future in hopes of avoiding a catastrophe. Heroes doesn’t have an overall theme based on changing the outcome of the future, does it? Oh yeah, it does!

One of the central characters in The 4400 is Isabelle, the offspring of two 4400s. She has incredible power, more than most other 4400s. Who does that remind you of? Wait, it’ll come to me … Peter Petrelli or maybe Sylar.

Isabelle, this seemingly unstoppable individual is stripped of all her powers. Uh, yeah, that sounds familiar. Didn’t that happen to both Peter and Sylar?

Jordan Collier, the mastermind behind The 4400 has the power to remove abilities from other 4400s. Gee, that sounds a lot like Mr. Petrelli!

I could go on, but I won’t because I think you get the picture.

Why does Heroes suck? The problem is Heroes has run out of 4400 material from which to crib and they have little idea of what to do next.