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Lolcats and Religion: A Dissertation

November 12 2008 // Humor + Technology // 4 Comments

Department of Religious Studies

Technology and Religion RS42A

Dissertation Title: Lolcats and Religion

Prepared by: Rotit John

Supervisor: Dr. A.E. Newman

Date: October 10th, 2010

Word Count: 19,235

Lolcats and Religion: Abstract

Lolcats is a popular Internet phenomenon that allows users to humorously caption pictures of cats as a way to comment on modern life. As such, it is no surprise that religion has entered this new form of expression. In this paper I explore the origins of religion in lolcats and the ways in which religion is represented through the creation of lolcats. The research is based on the analysis of lolcats and various secondary sources such as the lolcatbible. Understanding the representations of God (Ceiling Cat) and the Devil (Basement Cat) is essential in documenting the impact technology has in our changing relationship with religion.

Lolcats and Religion: References

AIG Irony

September 27 2008 // Economy + Humor + Rant // Comment

Did you notice the back cover of the October 2008 Money magazine?

Yes, it’s an AIG ad. Here’s a close up of some of the text.

We’ve been in tougher jams than this? Apparently not.