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Authorship Is Dead, Long Live Authorship

Meta: 10.24.13 // SEO // 64 Comments →

Google’s Authorship program is still a hot topic. A constant string of blog posts, conference sessions and ‘research’ projects about Authorship and the idea that it can be used as a ranking signal fill our community. Yet, the focus on the actual markup and clock-watching when AuthorRank might show up may not be the best use of […]

Build Your Authority Not Your Author Rank

Meta: 03.18.13 // SEO // 50 Comments →

It’s been a frustrating few weeks of discussion about Authorship and Author Rank. Here I will present a few things that may give you some more context overall and, in particular, my point of view on things. Social Computing Research Just the other day Google revealed that it gave $1.2 million dollars in awards to […]

Reading May Influence AuthorRank

Meta: 09.25.12 // SEO // 51 Comments →

Yesterday a friend sent me an interesting screen capture of an Authorship search result. I’m not sure this result is here to stay but over the course of the next day I figured out how to replicate it and learned a lot along the way. Here’s what I found out. Authorship Bounce  The instructions to […]

Author Rank

Meta: 03.30.12 // SEO // 208 Comments →

AuthorRank could be more disruptive than all of the Panda updates combined. That’s a bold statement but possible once you fully understand AuthorRank and how it could be applied to search results. What is AuthorRank? The idea behind AuthorRank is that your reputation as a content creator will influence the ranking of search results. Here’s […]

Author Stats

Meta: 12.15.11 // SEO // 3 Comments →

Yesterday Google launched a new Authorship home page and Author stats within Google Webmaster Tools. The continuing emphasis on Authorship is a clear signal of the importance of this feature within Google. Before reading up on Author stats, take a moment to learn how easy it is to implement Google authorship on your site or […]

How To Implement Rel=Author

Meta: 07.01.11 // SEO // 322 Comments →

Overshadowed by the Google+ launch was the implementation of the rel=author markup in search results. Once implemented, authors are given a very prominent treatment on search results. It doesn’t reorder the results (yet) but it certainly highlights that result and likely drives a much higher click through rate. I was already interested in rel=author, but […]

Tracking Hidden Long-Tail Search Traffic

Meta: 01.25.18 // Analytics + SEO // 9 Comments →

A lot of my work is on large consumer facing sites. As such, they get a tremendous amount of long-tail traffic. That’s right, long-tail search isn’t dead. But you might think so when you look at Google Search Console. I’ve found there’s more data in Google Search Console than you might believe. Here’s what I’m doing to […]

Analyzing Position in Google Search Console

Meta: 07.18.17 // Analytics + SEO // 16 Comments →

Clients and even conference presenters are using Google Search Console’s position wrong. It’s an easy mistake to make. Here’s why you should only trust position when looking at query data and not page or site data. Position Google has a lot of information on how they calculate position and what it means. The content here is pretty dense […]

RankBrain Survival Guide

Meta: 06.09.16 // SEO // 37 Comments →

This is a guide to surviving RankBrain. I created it, in part, because there’s an amazing amount of misinformation about RankBrain. And the truth is there is nothing you can do to optimize for RankBrain. I’m not saying RankBrain isn’t interesting or important. I love learning about how search works whether it helps me in my […]

Do 404 Errors Hurt SEO?

Meta: 02.01.16 // SEO // 25 Comments →

Do 404 errors hurt SEO? It’s a simple question. However, the answer is far from simple. Most 404 errors don’t have a direct impact on SEO, but they can eat away at your link equity and user experience over time. There’s one variety of 404 that might be quietly killing your search rankings and traffic. 404 […]